Fundamental Surgery

Virtual Reality Healthcare Training

The main HapticVRTM training modality delivers immersive simulations, underpinned with haptic (sense of touch) interactions that enable full rehearsal of medical and surgical procedures, providing deep data insight into competency and skills development.

The highly intuitive system allows surgeons to experience the same sights, sounds and accurate physical sensations of the human anatomy, enabling them to hone and rehearse skills in a safe and measurable environment, dovetailing perfectly with cadaveric and assisted/observational learning in the operating room.
Benefits of the HapticVRTM platform
Deep simulation and procedural rehearsal
Skills development and learning via muscle memory
Precise measurement on every step and action in the simulation
Learn in a fully immersive environment, where all education content is both accredited and mapped to ACGME standards.
Access and review all user data via the data dashboard, combined with the data from the @HomeVR platform.
With the real-time feedback, users can learn in their own time without the supervision of senior trainees
HapticVR delivers Kinesthetics Haptics (force feedback & position) that allow there accurate measurement and assessment of surgical skill as well as proven, more effective transfer of skill.

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